"Curtis' interpretation of my natal chart and razor sharp insight helped me see the not so nice qualities that have emerged from years of stress, worry, and avoidance. Through his insight, I was able to transcend weaknesses and maximize strengths. Our meeting has undoubtedly helped to improve the relationship I have with me."
With gratitude, A.A., Delaware

"If you are trying to make a big decision or would just like some more insight into a particular aspect of your life, I highly recommend a session w/ curtis. He was prepared, professional but also personal. I felt like I was talking to a friend the first time I met him."
Marie Paso Robles, CA

"I'm deeply grateful for the experience of Reiki along with your healing talents and compassionate heart. You brought a great deal of peace and comfort to my restless spirit that day. A sincere thank you for the tranquility that has remained."
Warm Regards, D.J.

"About a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Curtis Williams and learned that he was an astrologer. He offered to create an astrological chart for me and to interpret that chart. When, from the process of working up my chart, Curtis shared what he had learned about who I was and am, I was amazed at the accuracy. He was also able to offer some insights into what he thought might transpire (and did) during the months following his reading. Thanks to his sharing, there was some time to transition and have some closure on an aspect of my life as I experienced a huge change. I believe that insight has to date, helped me accept a difficult transition in a far more emotionally sound state of mind than I might have, and I am grateful to Curtis and his skills, for helping me."
L.P., Lockwood, CA

My Reiki session with Curtis was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life.  Curtis was very reassuring and he made the whole experience comfortable.  I felt completely renewed afterwards with a new sense of optimism.  Curtis is professional, competent and there's just something about Curtis that makes him able to spread the peace of the universe in a direct and meaningful way.  I will go to Curtis again for another Reiki session. 
Carol Furtado Morro Bay

I received an Astrology consultation from Curtis Williams yesterday... Totally changed my today! Concentrating on the physical realm and my health! Astrology is way more than I thought it was! I totally recommend his work. Thank you Curtis!
Darcy Cleome, Amethyst Healing Center, Cambria

Through his unique blend of tools and Astrological insight Curtis has helped me to change my perspective of life and create positive new changes in my life. With evaluation and understanding of the human cognitive process Curtis' Astrological expertise helped me to develop a new outlook on my career. Curtis helped me to expand my opportunities and take advantage of my strengths and being aware of my limitations. Together we came up with a realistic plan to create enjoyment in my life and still have a productive and marketable career. With this new way of thinking my creativity has increased as has the overall quality of my life. Thank you Curtis!
E.W. Arroyo Grande, CA

Dear Curtis, Just a note to "thank you" for taking the time to meet with me regarding my consultation and interpretation of my astrological birth chart. First and foremost I have to say it was really fun. The consultation explained so much of "me", to me. I use lots of the be- havior information you gave me to do a better job at keeping myself in check and out of negative repetitious patterns associated with my personality. In a nutshell, I want to keep moving forward, but accomplish more. By knowing what my natural tendencies are, I make sure to create a clear, straightforward path instead of a path filled with additional challenges. You also brought to my attention information regarding my future and provided some career suggestions and changes based on the interpretation of my consultation. I am working at putting together a vision and timeline that will make positive use of the information you provided me. Thank you Curtis, you have given me a wealth of knowledge!
A.R. Paso Robles, CA

I had my Astrological chart read by Curtis Williams in September of 2011. It was the best Astrological consultation I have ever had in the 35 years of having gone for consultations. Curtis got into the core of my soul and opened me up to see things i hadn't ever looked at or talked about before. It was so healing and helpful to me. The consultation changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I highly recommend Curtis Williams.
Patty Hatton Arroyo Grande, CA

Curtis took me by surprise, he was so precise about my past and how it has affected me in the here and now. Curtis' insight, intuition and counsel have been instrumental in me choosing to live a life that is not just full but one that feeds my soul. Thank you Curtis!
J. B., Paso Robles, CA

Curtis is the real deal. He provides information, support and dialogue that helps you formulate questions, find answers, and uncover the next steps to take. Combine this with the detailed astrological insights and timing he provides and you'll feel both empowered and prepared to move forward in the direction of your dreams.
Eileen O

Curtis creates a space for teaching that is both nurturing and patient. He shares his knowledge with great care so that we "the student" ca grasp every detail. He has honed his skills for years and now through teaching imparts years of practice and wisdom to all who desire to learn this life changing practice.
Thank you Curtis!"  
Sandra S.

Curtis Williams is a master teacher who restores balance benefitting the soul compellingly.  His dynamic ability to blend Reiki and Astrology provides powerful insight.  I highly recommend him. 
--MM-Lee Music & Vocal Instructor, Certified Reiki Practitioner Arroyo Grande, CA

I would highly recommend the astrological consultation services offered by Curtis Williams.  Over the last few years, I have called upon his expertise many times.  With two teenagers in the house, I need all the help I can get in understanding and carefully navigating relationship issues.  Curtis is a very gifted astrologer and healer.
-- Karen P. – Morro Bay, CA

I find Curtis to be clear, open and caring in his readings for me.  He uses language I can understand, asks questions that provoke thought, and leads me to a better understanding of myself and my life's purpose.  No cookie cutter astrology here!  I highly recommend Curtis as an astrologer.  
--Leland J., MA, Los Osos, CA

Curtis is a gifted astrologer, plus he is a kind and compassionate human being, with a gift for healing words, and I consider myself very blessed to have met and utilized his services.  The accuracy of his analysis was amazing.  
-- Michelle K, Avila Beach, CA

I remember how lost I was and how hopeless and bleak my life felt for me when I first came to you.  I literally didn't want to be here anymore, Curtis and it was honestly, that first session with you that served as a lifeline for me.  You threw me a life preserver, literally, and now, a year and a half later, I am experiencing more joy and expression, and feeling more passionate and hopeful about life than I believe I ever have before. 
-- Dawn O., Los Osos, CA

Curtis has a unique combination of gifts as a natural healer and instinctive spirit.  This combined with the years of experience and training make him a trusted voice in helping people find their true direction.  Through his gentle, yet persuasive approach, he opens doors for people that have long been shut and helps his clients find the answers to a more honest, meaningful, and healthy life. 
-- Teresa K., Los Angeles, CA

I went to see Curtis to get a gauge on what the timing would be for some decisions I was thinking about making. The session was invaluable to me! I had been contemplating making some big changes and come to find out, my instincts were leading me in the right direction. Being able work with Curtis was definitely a blessing. He was thorough in his analysis, wonderful listener and a consummate professional. He is VERY easy to talk to and to work with. These qualities, I think, are what made the consultation so valuable to me. He pointed out some significant dates that I should be on the lookout for, as well as potential opportunities. Long story short, I'm on track with life and moving to be in alignment with my what my purpose is. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and/or to have a tool to help align your decisions with something greater than yourself to call Curtis. I know I'll be seeing him again, soon.
W.Q. Denver CO

My experience and reading with Curtis was something I will always remember. I had never had my chart read before, but was excited and curious for our appointment. I wasn't too sure what to expect, however found the entire experience very enlightening and more self-reflective than anything else. Curtis' gentle energy and passion for what he does made me feel like I had known him for years, even though we were only new friends. I often think back to the things we discussed and loved learning more about myself than I really thought I would. I would highly encourage a reading with Curtis as a deserving gift to yourself.
KB Los Angeles, CA

"I find Curtis' work to be of great value for me in many ways, on many levels. Using all of his numerous gifts and extensive knowledge and training, he has guided me through several tough spots in my life over the years. With both his astrology and energy work, he is able to uncover aspects of a particular moment or situation I am experiencing and shed new light- making a difference for me , enabling me to move through change more easily.Curtis is an extraordinary, intuitive, and gifted soul. I am grateful to have him in my world."
Jamie L.M.T. Los Osos.

I was really doubtful about Reiki, but after having Curtis perform reiki on me, it was like I went to another world. I was going through some very personal problems and just couldn't calm down. After the reiki treament I am a believer in that process. I even went to sleep during the treatment and I had not sleep in weeks but after the treatment I seemed to be able sleep and work through my personal problems. I personally would recommend Curtis for either a reading or a Reiki treatment.
MV San Luis Obispo, CA

Using his knowledge and intuition Curtis' reading I found to be very valuable in navigating life's speed bumps as well as opportunities. He's very professional and provides a safe atmosphere to practice his art.
KC Oxnard, CA





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