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1 Hour Session   $100  $85
1/2 Hour Session  $50 $37

Membership with Astro - Reiki Rising provides you personal and direct access to Curtis Williams as your Astrologer. By joining, you will be given up to 2 questions per month to ask Curtis, whether by e-mail or by phone. Your questions will be thoughtfully considered and researched and answers based on a deeper mutual relationship with you as a member and partner of Astro - Reiki Rising. Answers will be limited to 15 minutes per month for your questions.

Your questions may vary from "what does my life look like next month" to "Should I take that other job?" Your answers will be received in a timely and concise manner.

Being a member, if you need further and more in-depth answers to your questions, you will receive a member discount on all services.

Membership is $55 per month with no minimum monthly requirement.

Curtis Williams MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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