Karuna Reiki® is a relatively new branch or system of Reiki that was pioneered and developed by William Rand (The International Center for Reiki Training).  William Rand desired to create a new branch of Reiki in 1989. in the winter of 1993 and with some of his hand-picked students, he began a serious pursuit of this idea of a new Reiki, and eventually brought it to fruition in 1995.  Karuna Reiki® is directly in line with the principals of Usui Reiki, but has many more symbols, symbols that are only activated when attuned by a Karuna Reiki® practitioner. Unless one is attuned to these Karuna symbols they are ineffective for both practitioner and client.

Karuna Reiki® is considered a stronger version of Usui Reiki simply because the student or practitioner has already studied 4 levels of Usui Reiki, which is then complemented by the study and use of Karuna Reiki®, and the many adjunct symbols they are attuned to.  Also, by the time a Reiki student or practitioner has become a Reiki Master, they have put in many hours of practice and study to master Karuna Reiki®. Karuna Reiki® is much more powerful when used in combination with other branches of Reiki.  One generally must wait at least 6 months, and up to one year before becoming a Karuna Reiki® practitioner. It is entirely left up to the individual Karuna practitioner/teacher to make this determination; the waiting period is always being adjusted, sometimes shorter, and sometimes longer periods of time.

The word Karuna has several different meanings depending upon which country you are in and with whom you are speaking with.  William states that Karuna means “compassionate action."  The chanting and toning of the Karuna Reiki® symbols and mantras in a treatment or session can be used in conjunction with what the Reiki practitioner has previously learned and been taught. Karuna Reiki® can be used like other Usui branches of Reiki, either by touch and use of hands, as well as non touch Reiki therapy; it is entirely up to the Reiki practitioner and client.

To become a Karuna Reiki® practitioner one must already have completed Levels I, II, III, and ART (Advance Reiki Training) also known as Reiki 3a and Reiki 3b of the Usui branch of Reiki before taking Karuna Reiki® classes, and must be instructed by an ICRT certified Karuna Reiki® teacher/ practitioner.  Karuna Reiki® can be taught in one 3 day period or broken up into 2 practitioner levels and 2 Master levels. 


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