Astrology Non Members Members
Natal Astrology $135 $105
Astro-Psychological    $180 $125
Birth Rectification $335 $250
Mundane/Judicial Astrology $150 $105
Horary Astrology $165 $105
Relocation Astrology   $175 $125
Synastry/Couples Astrology $200 $145
Medical Astrology   $300 $240
 Astrological Services Descriptions

Natal or Birth Astrology Chart Consultation:
This is when the client and the Astrologer review the Natal chart in an instructive student/teacher approach. Here is where the client can ask what the sign of the planet means or what does the planet Mars mean in the third house? Knowing your Moon and Rising Sign are so very important as well as how your Sun/Moon combination work. This is more of an individual learning process in the basics and foundation of Astrology.

Astro-Psychological Consultation:
Here is where we get down to the bottom of personal issues and concerns. I will help facilitate your understanding of how your chart represents emotional and psychological issues that you are currently experiencing and building strategies in how to move around them. Questions such as “when should I expect that job promotion?” or, “is this a good time for a major purchase item such as a car or house?” I will also help in any and all timing considerations in all areas of your life; this is the most popular consultation!

Birth Rectification:
This service is for those that do not know the birth time for either themselves or a loved one. The client provides major life events and experiences to me, the Astrologer, so that I can find the most accurate time for the birth, and then after much work, the client then will have a consultation for either a Natal chart consult or an Astro/Psychological consult. This is a time intensive process and takes more time than any of the other consultations.

Mundane- Judicial/State Astrology:
Sometimes termed “State Astrology” due to its frequent political implications such as wars, revolutions, famines, or changes of government is for those interested in politics and the affairs of States and Governments. Generally this is an infrequent request from my clients.

Horary Astrology:
This is for the client that wishes to ask a question that is then given form as an Astrological chart. Questions such as “When will I marry?” or “Will I safely arrive at my destination?” and many more possibilities for any question one might wish to ask. This type of Astrology is for the timing of life events.

Relocation Astrology:
This type of Astrology is used for when the client is hoping to move to away from their current location and wishes to know which location(s) or environment bests suits their needs, hopes and dreams. Relocation Astrology will also guide you for job and career as well as comfortability and connection.

Synastry Astrology:
Synastry, also know as Couples Astrology is where the charts of two individuals are combined into one for the purpose of compatibility in loves, sex, and intellectual pursuits. The comparative charts of the individuals are also used separately for further analysis.

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As with all memberships becoming a member with Astro - Reiki Rising there will be enhanced assistance and personal management such as discounted prices of an Astrological or Reiki consultation. You will also receive a short or long sleeved (your choice) quality cotton tee shirt that has the Astro - Reiki Rising logo and website printed on the left breast and on the back of the tee shirt.

If you become a member with Astro - Reiki Rising you will have personal and direct access to me, your Astrologer. By joining you will be given 4 questions per month to ask me personally, whether by e-mail or by phone. You will also receive my newsletter.

Your questions can vary from “what does my week look like next month” to “Should I take that other job?” These answers will not and cannot be in-depth as it would take too much time to be practical, however you will receive a timely and concise answer to your question.

Also, being a member if you need further and in-depth answers to your question you will receive a 15% discount on any of the Astrological consultations. In addition to being a member with Astro - ReikiRising you will receive a 10% discount on all gift certificates and a free Astrological consultation or Reiki session if you purchase two or more of the major services provided (this does not include for 1/2 hour sessions or the purchase of a Natal Birth Chart) within a month.

You can receive all of this for just $55 a month. Join now before the coming New year and receive a special gift from me and Astro - Reiki Rising!

Curtis Williams MA, A.P.D., CRTM

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